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Dental Technologies

At NoFrills Dental, we capitalise on innovative dental technologies available to provide all our patients with effective and efficient high quality dental services that they rightly deserve.

iTero Element 2

How Does It Work?

‘The iTero Element 2 Intra-oral Scanner is a laser-powered 3D scanner that works to create a virtual 3D model of a patient’s smile. The intra-oral scanner allows our dentists to accurately and efficiently plan the best treatment options for our patients.

Through the iTero Element 2 Intra-Oral Scanner, our dentists will be able to show patients the final outcome of their proposed treatments even before starting the treatment during the first initial consultation.

Paired with Invisalign Treatment, the iTero Element 2 brings about unprecedented clinical accuracy, efficiency and comfort when it comes to providing patients with the best possible desired results.

Visit itero.com for more information on the intra-oral scanner and how dentists around the world use it to improve their productivity in their practices.

PRECISION & efficiency

The iTero Element 2 seamlessly integrates with the Invisalign Case Submission system to allow for efficient case planning & submission.

Planning the journey to your perfect smile
3D planning allows the our dentists to better gauge and plan your perfect smile based on your needs and wants. Taking into account both clinical and aesthetic considerations when designing your proposed future smile. To ensure the best possible outcome when it comes to your Invisalign treatment.

Dental Monitoring

How Does It Work?

Dental Monitoring is an artificial intelligence (A.I.) powered digital dental solution that allows our dentists to remotely analyse a patient through a virtual dashboard through a series of intra-oral photos taken by patients with the help of the Dental Monitoring App and a ScanBox in the comforts of their homes. Through the use of Dental Monitoring, our dental team will be in constant contact with you virtually, enabling us to ensure your on-going treatments with us are going smoothly as planned. This ensures that your journey to your perfect smile is as efficient as possible.

With the help of A.I. technologies in the Dental Monitoring system, our dental team will be promptly notified by the system whenever you run into any clinical issues.

Visit dental-monitoring.com for more information on the dental monitoring system and how it can benefit you.

Reduced appointment & visits
Through automated or live messaging, we’ll be able to track our patient’s treatment remotely and guide them through all stages of their progress.
Seamless patient experience

We maintain consistent contact between dental appointments. Through the use of the Dental Monitoring app on iOS and Android, our patients could capture and view their treatment progress, share them with us, and receive our directions to better enhance and accelerate their treatments.

Patient engage like non other

Through the Dental Monitoring App, our patients have the ability to track the progress of their treatments and journey to their perfect smile, while being able to keep our messages with them in their app as references.

We’re just a message away, if you have any questions or issues regarding your treatment.

Virtual Consultations

How Does It Work?

NoFrills Dental integrates Virtual Consultations into our patient contact flow through the use of artificial intelligence (A.I.) powered dental solutions that generates a systematic and digitally-analysed report of a patient’s current oral and dental health based on a series of photos sent to our A.I. system, through our online platform. In this report, patients will be able to have a snap shot of their oral health, whereby our system will highlight any potential existing oral health issues that patients may be unaware of as well as some of the preferred potential solutions to those particular issues.

Through the images submitted and report generated by the system, our doctors will also have a better understanding of a patient’s oral health, without physically interacting with the patient.

A virtual consultation will then be scheduled that will allow our dentists to answer any and all questions that the patient may have as well as to offer solutions for any existing oral health issues that the patient may have.

Digitally Analysed Report - powered by artificial intelligence

The system draws on 18 different metric when generating the reports. Based on the photos submitted, the system will look at these 18 different metric in order to generate a report. In this report, patient will be notified on potential oral health issues that they may have, as well as the relevant treatment options available that our dentists may use to resolve those highlighted issues.

Fully digital consultation

Virtual Consultation will be conducted through the use of video conferencing technologies such as ZOOM, Whatsapp Video Call or Skype. One of our dentists and treatment coordinators will be scheduled in with you to answer any and all questions that you may have. These consultations are non-obligatory, as such patients are free to consult without proceeding with treatment.

If you do decide to proceed with any treatment, you’ll then need to visit our dentists at your prefered time and location.

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