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Dental Trauma? Here’s What To Do

Dental Trauma? Here’s What To Do

Ouch! I’ve hurt a tooth, what should I do? Did you know that if you knock a tooth out from a fall, with good and prompt response, the tooth can actually be saved? 25% of all school children experience dental trauma and 33% of adults have experienced trauma to the...

Root Canal Treatment: What, Why & When

Root Canal Treatment: What, Why & When

What Is Root Canal Treatment? Inside each tooth, contains a chamber in the middle that has one or more canals extending through the roots of the tooth. This chamber provides nerves and blood vessels that nourish the tooth. Root canal treatment in the simplest form -...

Visiting the Dentist – Dental Checkups

Visiting the Dentist – Dental Checkups

At NoFrills dental, we suggest regular 6 monthly dental checkups for our patients. This is to ensure we can detect any issues before they become too severe or irreversible. Here are 3 reasons to visit your dentist regularly.Caries & Cavities As of 25th March 2020,...

3D Intraoral Scanning – the Future of Dentistry

3D Intraoral Scanning – the Future of Dentistry

If you have had braces, crowns or even a night-guard done, you might remember the experience of taking an impression, where a load of material is placed inside the mouth to capture the shape of your teeth. Impression taking is an elegant process which started as early...

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