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Gum Surgery


Removal of Excess Gums – Irregular Gum Line or Gummy Smile and Restoring Receding Gums

Receding Gums?

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Are you aware that 4 out of 5 people have disease in their gum? Yes! That’s actually true. The Singapore Health Promotion Board conducted an Adult Oral Health Survey in 2003 which indicated that 85 percent of Singaporeans experience periodontal disease of the gum.

Gum Surgery Explained

With an irregular gum line, your gums can be provably too high or too low. Which may be aesthetic and medical concern for some patients. Gum surgery is required when there is an excess of gums or a recession of the gum line. It is essential to bear in mind that the foundation of the teeth (bones and gums) requires healthiness prior to beginning the surgery. It is important to treat gum disease before carrying out the procedures. Every case is different. Speak to our dentist to understand more about your current situation and find the best treatment for your case.

Recession of Gums

The recession of gums is the process of which gums undergo when the gum tissue that surrounds teeth start to wear away, pulling back and exposing more of the tooth root. Gum recession is a common dental problem that may lead to periodontal disease – the impairment of the supporting bone structures and gums of the teeth. Different causes, like over-brushing, can result in exposed tooth roots, which can probably lead to root sensitivity, uneven gum line, or accumulation of plaque on the neighbouring teeth. Gum graft surgery in selected cases can be operated to ensure the gum recession area is covered and reduce more recession as well as losing the underlying bone.

If left untreated, the supporting tissue and bone structures of the teeth can be severely damaged, and may ultimately result in tooth loss.

Overgrowth of Gums

The overgrowth/excess of gums around the teeth is called Gingival hyperplasia. this condition is common symptom of severely poor oral hygiene or a side effect that comes from the usage of certain medications. When left untreated, gingival hyperplasia may severely affect the alignment of teeth and increase the risk of developing gum disease. This oral health condition has be mitigated through good oral hygiene habits, but in many cases, gum surgery is necessary. 

The overgrowth of gums may lead to severe oral health conditions such as gums completely covering teeth, making it very difficult for patients to maintain their oral hygiene habits. Although improving oral hygiene habit can resolve this oral condition, it may be necessary for surgical intervention such as gum contouring to stop the recurrence of this problem.

Gum Contouring Surgery

Periodontal plastic procedures (aesthetic gum surgery) is a procedure that looks to give patients beautiful smile. This procedure is usually called gum contouring or gum reshaping, it is a process that helps in the removal of excess gum tissue to get more of the tooth crown exposed to the development of a proportionate look between the tooth surface and gum tissue. The procedure is capable of being used on uneven gums for the creation of an aesthetically-pleasing gum line. When doing gum contouring surgery, our experienced dentists and qualified periodontists will ensure your gums are under local anaesthetic and the excess gum will be removed to ensure an even gum line is created for you. Different surgical techniques can be possibly adopted:

  • Laser Surgery. Our dentists utilise lasers to removed inflamed or damaged excess gum tissue, this procedure aims at removing as much excess gum tissue as possible and removing plaque buildup around the roots of teeth. This procedure is done under the local anaesthesia. 
  • Electrosurgery. Our dentists utilise, electric diodes, super heated with electrical currents to cut and remove inflamed, damaged and excess gum tissue. This procedure is done under the local anaesthesia. 
  • Gingivectomy. This procedure removes a portion of your gums from around your teeth. The dentist will surgically remove diseased gums, and then repair your remaining gums with stitches.

Gum Recession Treatment

Mild cases of gum recession can typically be treated by most dentists through the deep cleaning treatment of the area affected by gum recession. By using deep cleaning to treat the affected area, plaque and tartar that has built up on the teeth below the gum line is removed. The exposed area of tooth root is then smoothened out to help prevent the built up of bacteria on teeth. Patients will also typically be prescribed a course of antibiotics to help remove any harmful bacterias that may still be present after the procedure. However, patients suffering from an excess of bone loss or deep pockets may be unable to undergo deep cleaning, as such, gum surgery may be the required to mitigate the damage of gum recession and repair any damage already done. Some common procedures that dentists may use to treat receding gums include:

  • Open flap scaling and root planing: This procedure has the dentist surgically expose the affected areas, the cleaning our the infected tissue and removing any harmful bacteria. After which, our dentists will tightly stitch the surgical incision to better secure the gum tissue to tooth root, reducing the risk of a reinfection and reducing the recession of the gum, giving it a more aesthetically appealing look.
  • Bone Grafting: This procedure is meant for patient who suffer from bone loss as a result of gum recession. This procedure aims to help patients regenerate lost done tissue, surgically exposing the affected areas and cleaning it out, removing harmful bacteria. Subsequently, a regenerative material is then applied into the affected pocket to encourage the body to start regenerating lost bone tissue, before being securely and tightly stitched over the root of the tooth or teeth.
  • Soft tissue graft: A common form of gum tissue graft used is a called connective tissue graft, which has a flap of skin cut from the roof of a patients mouth (palate), as well as tissue from under the flap, this tissue is then removed and stitched onto the gum areas affected by recession, surrounding the exposed tooth root.

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