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Wisdom Tooth Removal


Wisdom Tooth Extraction is required when wisdom teeth impact the adjacent tooth as they erupt causing toothaches, discomfort and potentially infections. ”

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Wisdom Teeth – What Are They?

Wisdom teeth are also called third molars, and are considered the last teeth that develop. For each four corners of our jaws, wisdom teeth exist there. In most cases, they start to develop between 16 years and early 20s.

How is a Wisdom Tooth Impacted?

During the eruption of the molars, they may not have sufficient room. Therefore, wisdom teeth are not well-aligned in most cases, and they can either be horizontal to being angled outwards or being angled inwards. They can be probably buried under the gums, which cause persistent gum infections and food trap.

Why Wisdom Tooth Extraction?

The presence of a wisdom teeth results in a hard-to-clean space with the second molar or under the gum, when it is partially misaligned or emerged. The narrow gap has the capacity to trap food, which allows bacteria to thrive. This therefore results in tooth decay and gum infections, which has the capacity to affect the second molar, too.

Additionally, when you have wisdom teeth, brushing of that area becomes very difficult, since the molars are now situated where it is difficult for the normal toothbrushes to access.

With regular dental checks, our dentists can figure out any issues you may be experiencing with your wisdom teeth. If required, you may have to undergo a wisdom tooth extraction surgery in order to avert any further problem.

Pre-surgery Expectations

When you go for your dental consultation, ask the dentist as many questions as possible to ensure you are well informed.

Our dental surgeons will inform you of any complications or risks associated with the surgery, and will provide any explanation regarding the procedure. Additionally, you also have to inform our dentist of any underlying health issues you may be experiencing and have to get a list of the supplements or drugs you need every day.

Do not hesitate to ask our surgeons any questions regarding the options for anaesthesia.

Post-Surgery Expectations

After the first day of your wisdom tooth extraction surgery, you may start to experience a few symptoms such as:

  • Facial swelling: Over the next two to three days, you may begin to experience facial swelling, which is normal. This is just your body responding to recovery.
  • Bleeding: You may experience small bleeding. Do not rinse your mouth thoroughly. Stick to the instructions our dentist provide to control the bleeding.
  • Facial bruising: As you heal, you might experience bruises at first and over time, will start to subside and will eventually heal up after about 7 days or so.
  • Jaw stiffness and pain: You may experience jaw stiffness or pain (if any), after surgery. Your dentist will provide anti-inflammatory medication prescription to relive any discomforts.

You have nothing to worry about since these common symptoms have been observed to occur after any wisdom tooth removal over the years. If symptoms continually persist, please consult our dentist immediately.

Types of Impacted Wisdom Teeth

Impacted Teeth

Impacted wisdom teeth are wisdom teeth that are unable to fully erupt properly due to adjacent structures such as molar teeth or jaw bones impeding the proper eruption. Due to the lack of place in the jaw, these teeth are forced to erupt at an angle that causes it to push against these adjacent structures/teeth. either partially through the gums (partially impacted) or fully under the gums without erupting (fully impacted).

Some Tips For A Smooth Recovery


  • Place an ice pack on your face to prevent swelling
  • Use moist heat (like moist hot pack) if you experience any sore jaw
  • Stick to soft diet for the first days
  • Rinse your mouth gently using the prescribed antibacterial mouth wash as recommended to ensure your mouth is clean
  • Begin to brush your teeth from the second day (ensure the surgery area is cleaned gently to prevent dislodging blood clots)
  • Use painkillers to ease the pain and swelling as recommended
  • Schedule an appointment with our dentist if you continue to experience swelling or fever


    • Avoid using straws to drink as slurping can make the blood clots loosen up (they can help heal your mouth)
    • Avoid rinsing your mouth vigorously; use mouthwash to gently rinse
    • Avoid spitting consistently if you notice there is a blood taste in your mouth. You may experience mild bleeding as much as three days after the surgery. When you continuously spit, it can affect the blood clot and lead to more bleeding
    • Avoid solid, sticky, hard, or crunchy foods that can probably bruise the wounds
    • Avoid smoking as it can result in pain, poor wound healing, and infection.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Commonly asked questions our dentists get about Wisdom Tooth Extractions

    How long does it take to undergo the removal of wisdom tooth?

    It takes about 5 days of medical leave in Singapore. However, some factors determine your actual recovery time, these include: 

    • Age
    • Rest
    • Hygiene
    • Medication
    • Response to surgery
    • Level of surgery (based on the orientation and depth of the wisdom tooth)

    You should take maximum rest of about 2-3 days after the surgery. Do not undergo any stressful activity and adhere strictly to prescribed medication. In addition, try as much as possible to ensure the site is clean. Otherwise, you healing can be slowed down as a result of poor hygiene, use of tobacco and alcohol.

    Will I encounter pains from wisdom tooth removal?

    Local anaesthesia is required for the removal of wisdom teeth. Using the right technique, the area becomes totally numb, and you will experience a painless procedure. Every surgery comes with swelling and pain. However, it is possible to manage this pain with modern painkillers.

    Especially patients who are anxious can prefer to use intravenous sedation for the procedure, which an anaesthetic has to administer. This gives the patient a totally relaxed state, and you will no longer remember the procedure.

      Can I resume work the next day after wisdom teeth removal?

      It depends, for some people, they can get up and become active instantly, for others, they have to remain in bed for many days. Most patients tend to go to work or continue their daily activities after one or two days after the procedure.

      As much as it is good to resume work, it is recommended to take some rest. Avoid working out or taking any stressful task.

        How much does removal of wisdom teeth cost?

        Wisdom teeth removal is a common procedure. Our dentists are always ready to discuss any issues you may be encountering. Wisdom tooth removal surgeries are applicable for Medisave, based on eligibility requirement. If you decide to get a wisdom tooth extraction, schedule a visit or an appointment with us today

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