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Scaling and Polishing


“Scaling and Polishing removes hardened dental plaque on teeth which causes teeth damage and gum diseases. After the plaque is removed, the teeth is then polished to give it a natural shine.

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Come in for a consultation with one of our dentists to get your bi-annual scaling and polishing done. Teeth should be scaled and polished once every 6 months for optimal oral and dental health.

Scaling and Polishing – What Does it Do?

The purpose of a scaling and polishing is to remove any tartar and plaque deposits building up on teeth which accumulate over a period of time, this process also includes the removal of stains from tea, red wine, or coffee. 

Bacteria build up creates the plaque layer, which tends to become thicker as you begin to experience a furry feeling when you use your tongue to touch the tooth surface. Plaque is commonly identified as the yellow substance seen around your teeth. If you do not remove this plaque within 48 hours, the plaque will then develop into calculus, which becomes very hard and clings onto your teeth.

Calculus cannot be removed through regular tooth brushing. A professional dental scaling and polishing is required to remove the hard substance. If calculus is not removed from the tooth structure, it can result in periodontal disease and eventually lead to tooth decay.

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Why Do I Need to Do Scaling & Polishing?

Scaling and polishing will remove plaque, calculus and tooth stains on teeth, giving you a fresh, clean and smooth set of teeth to smile with. For an even brighter smile, patients can consider going for tooth whitening treatment. Moreover, the process of scaling and polishing gives our dentists the ability to better examine your current oral health, allowing them to detect any underlying oral issues, such as gum disease or an erupting wisdom tooth. Such as leaking fillings, cracked teeth or bruxism. The process of scaling and polishing is a gentle and basic procedure that will only take minutes. 

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The Scaling And Polishing Process

During your routine dental visit, the dentist will access your current oral & dental health condition. After which, the scaling and polishing will commence on your teeth.

The process of Scaling removes tartar and plaque around your teeth and gum line using an ultrasonic cleaning tool called a ‘scaler’. 

For patients that have stubborn tartar that’s attached to the root surfaces of gum diseased-teeth, a deep scaling/deep cleaning might be required to thoroughly remove the bacteria living in the gum pockets of teeth, encouraging the gums to heal. This ‘deep cleaning’ process is called ‘Root-Planing’. Root Planing treatment is usually done with the use of local anaesthetic to ensure maximum comfort for our patients.   

Once the process of scaling has been completed, the dentist will then proceed with polishing the teeth to remove any and all external stains and smoothen our the surfaces of the tooth. This process of polishing can be done in one of two ways:

1) using a rotating brush with some cleaning paste

2) air-powdered spray for tougher and more stubborn tooth stains.

The final result of scaling and polishing is a fresh set of clean, smooth and glossy teeth. 

For patients who wish for a brighter smile after their dental clean. They may opt for teeth whitening treatment which will almost guarantee patients a brand new set of pearly whites. 


How Often Should I Get My Teeth Cleaned?

The best recommendation is to get a dental professional to scale and polish y our tooth every 6 months or annually to ensure your teeth and gums are healthy. If you’ve not gone for your check-up within the last 6 months, schedule an appointment with us now!

Frequently Asked Questions

Commonly asked questions our dentists get about Scaling and Polishing.

How Often Should I Get My Teeth Scaled And Polished

The general recommended guideline is having a regular visit to the dentist once every 6 months for a general cleaning. However, there are other factors that may cause this figure to vary, such as;

  • Frequent drinking of Coffee/Tea/Wine
  • History of periodontal issue (gum disease)
  • Smoking
  • Diabetes

Do I Need Scaling and Polishing if I Have Been Brushing Well?

Yes! Absolutly! Regular brushing and flossing of teeth is great but it still leaves a lot of hard to reach crevices that allow bacteria and plaque to accumulate in. Once this plaque hardens into tartar, brushing and flossing becomes completely ineffective at removing them, at that point, scaling is the only option when it comes to removing the tartar.

Regular and proper brushing will allow your dentist to complete the scaling and polishing process in a reduced and shorter time.

Does Scaling and Polishing Hurt?

Most patient find the process completely painless. However, there might be some sensivity on certain exposed surfaces as deep tartar is removed which can result in pain. Local anesthetic is available on request of the patient if the resulting pain from tooth sensitivity becomes unbearable. 

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