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Global Insurance Partners

NoFrills Dental is an accredited provider for global insurance companies.

We have partnered with many dental insurance companies such as AIA, IHP, MHC, AON, Advantage Health Benefits, and more! 

Our coverage for routine dental treatment typically includes teeth cleaning, fillings, extractions, x-rays and consultations.

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Insurance Programs

NoFrills Dental participates in a variety of corporate & personal insurance programs. See full list here.

NoFrills Dental Participates in Corporate & Personal Dental Insurance Programs

    Employee Health & Dental Benefits
    Most employees in Singapore enjoy some medical/dental coverage under their company’s group health insurance plans. Your Human Resource Department will be able to provide you information on your medical and dental benefits that you are entitled to. 

    Personal Health & Dental Insurance Policies
    If you have existing personal health/dental insurance policies that cover you for your dental/oral health treatments, do inform us about your claiming process, so that we may better assist you. 

    NoFrills Dental participates in a variety of Insurance Programs, click here for the full list of partnership programs, that we’re a part of.

    For further enquiries, you can also call the our support hotline at 9007 1085

    Dental Insurance

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    How Does It Work?

    Before your dental appointment, our clinical staff will create a seamless and smooth registration process by verifying your insurance benefits beforehand. For patients that are eligible for direct cashless billing arrangement, our clinics will send your bill directly to your dental insurance provider.

    For patients that require self-reimbursements, our support staff will provide you with all the comprehensive supportive documents and invoices that you require.

    Our highly trained and friendly support staff will be more than happy to answer any questions that you may have. At NoFrills Dental, excellent patient experience and the seamless treatment journey are the core of service values.

    During Your First Visit:

    Present Identification

    Once you’ve arrived to the dental clinic for your appointment. Present your NRIC, staff ID and/or dental insurance to your receptionist to verify your details and to register you into our clinical management system. 

    Dental Insurance Coverage

    After verifying your identity and dental insurance eligibility, we’ll be able to share with you the details of your dental insurance coverage

    Speak to Our Dentist

    Our dentist will have full information on your dental coverages even before you enter the treatment room. In the case that you need to inform our dentist about providing relevant documents to assist you in the insurance claiming procedure, do let him/her know. Our dentists will actively let you know beforehand if they will be initiating treatment that’s not covered by your insurance, so that you’ll be able to make an informed decision. 

    After Your Treatment

    Once you’ve left the dental treatment room, our support staff will assist you in the dental insurance claiming process as well as conduct a detailed breakdown and explanation on the procedures done during your visit. Our clinical staff will also explain the required copayments for you (if any) and provide you with all the documentations that you may need in the reimbursement process. 

    Book Next Appointment

    With the information that you’ve shared with us during your first visit. All subsequent visits at NoFrills Dental will be a breeze. 

    We’ll book your next appointment for your regular checkup and cleaning. 


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    Partnered Programs 

    Partnered Programs 

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